Zen Trader Review: Zen Trader Software Scam Alert!

zen trader review

Be careful! Zen Trader is a scam

You are a businessman and as a businessman, you must remember that every product is two type- one is real and another is bogus. The other party always wanted to deceive you by selling you bogus product and if you are not careful then you will get cheated. You must justify the product before you buy. Now in online business, the products are also in two division and they are one is legit another is a scam. Without proper guidance instead of making a profit, you will face only loss. Scamscanner team will provide you reliable information and through this, you will able to know Which software is legit and Which is a scam. Today will be discussed on Zen Trader.

Today we will introduce you to a scam software which seems to be legit and by using many traders lost their money. The name of this software is Zen Trader and it is a scam software. Our scamscanner team members are investigating and find that Zen trader is a 100% scam software which mainly playing trick with brokers and looting their money and no one is able to catch them. Take time and read this article and you will able to understand by yourself why you keep aloof from this software and below our recommended legit software which will give you more profits.

Our recommendation

neo2 official website

NEO2 (Square) Software is working software

As a user or getting interested by Zen Trader you mainly now become depressed when you heard ill of Zen trader. But in real the truth is Zen Trader is mainly created for taking money not generating money. Scamscanner is like a doctor we will say which disease you are affected with and also give you the cure for this disease.

Now take a look on a legit software “NEO2” (NEO Square) which will fulfill your loss for Zen Trader. Here the details review on NEO2, click below the download link.

What is NEO2?neo2 website

 It is a solar tracking device and through tracking NEO2 is able to earn automatically. The prediction power of Neo2 is really unbelievable and it not only predicts market but also the economy, politics etc. Anyone can use it and no experience is needed to use this software. The algorithm of Neo2 is really very strong and for this, it is able to detect through solar tracking. In initial testing, it has 85% win rate that is 78% higher than any other than any other auto trading software. One can earn $4000 a week and more trading online. Testing is free at all. You should not need any debit or credit card and within 3 months 16 million dollars is able to earn. Is this is not enough to recover your loss?

100% legit with prove

  • Like other fake scams, there is no fake widgets and doubtful element in this app.
  • Legal and powerful algorithm
  • CEO himself named Jack Piers, Ph.D. is present everywhere and all verification for being CA is proved
  • They maintain transparency which proves that this is no fake.
  • The success rate is 81%.
  • Testimonials are legal and verified
  • Neo2 network is legal and registered
  • Success rate and accuracy rate is reliable
  • What is declared is perform actually
  • Many experienced engineers and programmers are working
  • 24-hour help


So, come in reality and start using Neo2. You can also use Snapcash, Copy Buffett, which are legit software and all are proved by scamscanner.

What is Zen Trader system?

Zen trader system is a binary trading system which seems to be similar to other trading software but in real it is not. Mainly binary trading software analyze the whole market and find out the winning trade among all trades. After finding out binary software send a signal to the trader and if he sells the trade then he will able to win the trade and can generate money. Through an algorithm binary trading system able to analyze the market condition and can detect the winning trade. Zen trader claimed that it is able to surprise all the remaining software but actually there is no existence of this software in real. It is a scam and it is mainly fabricating the activities but in real it mainly creates to looting money from brokers.

zentrader ewview

Why we forbade you from using Zen Trader?

Zen trader is a scam and our team scam scanner proved it by investigating it. Zen trader software declared that if any broker uses it he can earn $1350 per day and the success rate is 93%. Zen Trader review is too much confident of their success and no prove is shown how they are able to make or generate money. So if Zen trader is unable to show any source then they must tell us a story just like the story of building a palace in one night by the Aladdin Jin. Again the information about CEO and brokers testimonial is unclear and brokers are over praising about Zen Traders. Their algorithm pattern raises the question because same types of the algorithm using in many scam software. There are also several reasons why we forbade you from using Zen Trader trading software and they are-

  • You must control your expectations
  • Choose the right broker & trading software
  • Make your expiry time selection wisely
  • Stick to traders with high probability.
  • Accept that sometimes you will lose in some trades
  • Make frequent withdrawals and it is most important.
  • Judge the offer and compare this in reality
  • Get enough information about CEO and also be sure if the testimonials whether right or wrong.
  • Paying attention about their network is whether legal or not

  So all these arguments are going against Zen Trader and proved itself as a scam. So, stop using this software.

Below Scamscanner’s Investigation Result

•   Zen trader is 100% scam: prove attached

 Zen trader proved by itself that it is a scam because all the information which declaring by Zen trader system unable to fulfill their declaration as like Dubai Lifestyle App, Blazing Trader, Mobile Binary Code, Turbine Xo, Binary Freedom Formula, Lucrosa. No, prove a statement and no reliable source is there. They mainly say a fairy tale to the new brokers and take all their money. By showing lucrative offer, manipulation, and other means zed trader software make a trap and the new preference falling into this trap. Our scamscanner investigation team investigate bravely and able to found all the traps which are lying like a net in order to catch the hunt and this hunt is mainly the brokers.

zen trader review

•  Fake CEO

 The CEO of Zen Trader name Mr. Zen is fake. He said that he is the CEO of this Zen Trader and in another side, he also say that he is the CEO of another software. By analyzing Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn, no information we do not find about this Mr. Zen. He is invisible. He is an actor. In a snapshot video, a man is cooking fast food but the voice is similar with Mr. Zen. So. Who is Zen? A cooker or a CEO of a software. If CEO is absent then what is the existence of software? Like Dream Catcher, Fast Cash Club. Zen trader also has fake CEO.

•  Fake testimonial

The testimonials which using here are fake and the brokers who are launch those testimonials are paid, actors. Our scamscanner team investigate the testimonials and take only four testimonials. The name of them is- Florent Reed, Mike Schall, George Fitz and Mario Semester. They claim that they are the brokers of this trading system but they also remain invisible like CEO. Mainly the photos which using are stock photos and after cropping them and publish them in the testimonials of Zen Trader system. So, how much cheater Zed trader is! Similar Cheater is- Dubai Lifestyle App, Blazing Trader, Mobile Binary Code, Turbine, Binary Freedom Formula.

•  Unbelievable success rate and no prove for generating money

Zen trader review said that they are able to earn $1350 per day and every week 1000 traders became successful. Zen Trader system also said that they have 93% success rate. At first what they said is not possible not only in real but also in the dream. Then no prove cannot found and also no source where this success rate and also earning rate declare. Zen trader software mainly wins 80 trade instead of 1000 and it finds by our scamscanner team. So, all declaration comes through the wind and also fade away.

zentrader review

•  Illegal network and unregistered

The network system is illegal and no one cannot able to detect it. They use the Illegal network to get themselves hide in the bush. They are also unregistered and they have no legal verification for online trade. So, after all, this, if there is anyone who will call Zen Trader a legit software? As similar question raises from Dream Catcher, Fast Cash Club, Dubai Lifestyle App, and Blazing Trader.

•  Fake algorithm

The algorithm which uses here is mainly nothing but a copy of other software. Zed trader system have no algorithm of their own and for maintaining the legality they mainly use the fake algorithm. If the algorithm is fake then it is really clear that no software exists here. All are only flattery but in real they are nothing but a bunch fraud. There is also fraud which including with Zen trade and they are- Dubai Lifestyle App, Blazing Trader, Mobile Binary Code, Turbine, Binary Freedom Formula.

•  It is not free, be careful!

 Though at first said that Zed trader is free but at last it is not free. You have to deposit $250 at first for start with. Later for getting a license you also have to pay more. But at last remember all money will go in vain and you are not able to see them by yourself. They mainly steal your money and run away as like- Dream Catcher, Fast Cash Club, Dubai Lifestyle App, and Blazing Trader also snatches money from brokers.

Conclusion of Zed Trader

We said before that in binary industry 95% software is scam. So, stay away scams products and subscribe our website

Good luck trading guys.


  • Winning Rate
  • Trust Score
  • Popularity
  • Easy to Make Profits


Zen trader is another scam software in bnary options industry. It has no any rating because of zen trader reputation is not good. So, traders and newbie stay away from zen trader scam software.


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