Tesler App Review: Tesler App Is Not Legit (REVIEW EXPOSE!)

tesler app review

Tesler app system scam outburst

There are many trading software around but not all of that software are real and trustworthy. Among them, some are legal which is called legit and others are illegal which is called scam. The legit software will bring you success as they promised and scam software will offer you large profit but in real they are mainly manipulating and after falling you in their trap they will run away and you cannot find them anywhere. Today we will discuss on tesler app review which is a binary options software.

It is really hard to find scam software but if you follow a perfect guideline you will able to make your dream true. We scamsscanner team will provide you perfect guideline which will keep yourself safe from scam software and also recommend you a legit software which will change your life. Tesler app is like those scam software which will promise you to change your fate but in real it will loot your asset.

Tesler app system synopsis: why it is a scam software?

TESLER APP REVIEW >> In outward teaser app system is seemed to be a trustworthy and legal software which will able to change your fate and generate your money at a higher rate. But inwardly it is a 100% scam which will cheat by declaring and manipulating by offering insane profit and 100% warranty that you will never a loss. $5000 in a day and do you think is it possible? Without loss, you will able to make this insane profit which is not even possible in a dream. The CEO named Steven Abrahams declared that you could be a millionaire within 6 months. He is totally a paid actor because in Swarm intelligence he named as Dr. Steven Francis and claimed that he is the CEO of this company. So, he is nothing but a paid actor.

Now the testimonials are all fake which is used for a showcase to attract brokers. All are copied and the brokers who are present here are all paid actor and nothing has been found about them in anywhere. Their algorithm is fake because they are not maintaining wall street algorithm style and this type algorithm is not used in any trading software. They are showing free spots available same as it shows 1 year ago. How is this possible? Their information is not valid nor their network. From every step Tesler, app proves themselves that they are illegal and they established themselves as scam software for only to looting money from brokers.

We have also further details about their evidence of scam which is collected by our scams scanner team but before this we will give our recommendation which will make up your loss and take you to your destination.

Recommended Software: Snap Cash Binary review


Countries Allowed: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom

After revealing the truth of Tesler app system you may be depressed because you wasted your valuable time and money before and now you get nothing and all your money is gone to astray. You may be lost your confidence over trading software but you should not blame every software for being cheated with one. If there is cloud everywhere, the sun won’t able to seen for the whole day. If you believe this idea then you are a fool. After one or two hour sun will be seen, so never lose your hope. It is also for trading business in online. In the presence of scam software, there is also legit software which will take you to your desired destination.

We scamsscanner team will provide you this legit software and we also give you our investigation result so that you yourself will able to understand why you put your belief and effort over this software. The software which will be the best replacement of Tesler app system is Snap cash system. This software is holding valid and verified information which keeps them out from the evidence of being a scam. The presentation and the video which showing here are all verified and the CEO himself show the practical proof how Snap cash is able to generate your money. He himself develop and code his algorithm and it also verifies. Now the detail information which finding by the investigation of scamsscanner team showing in the below-

snapcash registrationReachable profit declaration

Snap Cash Binary declares profit by maintaining limit and they are conscious of reality. Like Tesler app it won’t declare you $5000 in a day rather it will generate your money in such rate which is reachable. You can earn $1200 per through this software.

Wining percent is 96%

In this world, nothing will offer you that can give you 100% warranty. You have to keep in mind if you wanted to enjoy happiness than you also have to bear sad. Only happiness is not possible. But what Tesler offer you? 100% warranty which is not possible in this world. Snap cash binary remembers this issue and they give them the 96% percent to win which mainly indicates that sometimes you have to bear loss because Snap cash binary believes in the law of nature.

CEO varified and popular

The name of the CEO of tesler app formula is Austin Ford. In every presentation of tesler app, Austin ford himself is present and describe how his software works. He himself is coding and developed the algorithm so he is a genius and worthy of the position of being CEO.

He himself pick two people named Sam and Jeff from the street and give them $250 to create an account in Snap cash and within one day they themselves saw their unbelievable success. Austin ford is also helpful and he will help you when you need. In Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. in all communication system you can find him and all information about him is verified. If anyone creates an account in Snap cash they are able to find Austin Ford and he is always available.

User testimonial

The testimonial which giving in Snap cash all verified and the brokers are all present and their information is available on Facebook, twitter etc. means they do not so call brokers. All brokers’ picture and information finding if anyone creates an account in Snap cash. All testimonials do not verify and approve. In all presentation, brokers available and describe how they are able to change their fate by Snap cash and their account balance which they show you verifying and you will also able to see it if you have an account in snap cash binary system.

snapcash binary websiteEasy to use

Snap cash is very to use and no need for experience to operate this software. At first, you have to download this software and then give your email address and name. After that when you click access than you get a mail which mainly verified your account and when your account verified than finally you became a member of this software and you have to deposit $250 for starting you generating your money. After this, you will see your success by yourself.

State forward trade system

In snap, cash binary system trade system states forward and it is simple. There is two option and they are “yes” or “no”. If you click “yes” then you will able to win the trade and if you are not willing then press “no”.

official site

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Now we scamsscanner team will show you our result and further detail about the evidence of scam of Tesler app formula

Tesler app review trading software is a scam: prove to attach

TESLER APP REVIEW >> By reading the synopsis of tesler app system you will able to realize how a scam software disguised as a legit software and cheating people. They not only being cheating with people them also spreading malware and by using the mail address they spam over them by creating new scam software. So, before buy, it is really urgent to identify whether the software is a scam or legit.

If you are already falling into the trap of scam software there is still chance to get out from their cage. Now the new scam software named tyler already fooled new brokers and the scams scanner team member investigated the evidence of this software and found further details about this software that indicates that it spread over its hand over everywhere and succeed to fool many brokers. Now we will describe you how Tesler app trader system is fooling you and loot your money.

Fake CEO

TESLER APP REVIEW >> The CEO of tesler app named Steven Abrahams is an actor who has no information about himself on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and he changed his name as Dr. Steven Francis and claimed that he is the CEO of Swarm intelligence. In Wall Street, he changed his name as Mr. Midas. So, he is a cheater and work for money and change his name in every step declare himself he is the CEO or other things. So, they recruited no they hired him for claiming CEO of Tesler app and give a big amount of money for giving a false presentation. He has no any Wikipedia profile. So, how he can claim he is the CEO of tesler scam software?

Fake testimonial

TESLER APP REVIEW >> The testimonials which they used all coping and they are all fake and also not verifying. Brokers using paid actor and mainly from which mainly hired for playing a role as an actor as a broker for a company. The pictures stole from the internet in order to make a presentation.

Insane profit declaration

TESLER APP REVIEW >> Per day $5000! Is this possible? They may find some kind of thing which only produce money and from that, they will give you this money rather this really impossible to turn this declaration possible. Do not manipulate by this insane declaration, think about reality then move forward.

100% warranty! Never ever loss! Is this possible?

TESLER APP REVIEW >> In this world, no none can give you a warranty that you will never ever face loss. The world is uncertain and how can they are able to promise you that you will always enjoy eternal profit?

Always 9 spots are available even after one year. How!

TESLER APP REVIEW >> From their beginning, they said that they have limited 9 spots only so hurry! But it is a declaration in 2015. Now 2017 and also now 9 spots are available. You have to hurry. They said 9 spots available before one year. Now one year passed they still could not fill 9 spots, how this happen? Stay away from their bullshit declaration.

Fake algorithm

TESLER APP REVIEW >> The algorithm which using here do not match with the trading software algorithm. Their diagram, mathematics, coding etc. do not real and they are using so-called algorithm and for showcase they mainly using this algorithm and for this algorithm there is no need for develop, code and others and they mainly copied other algorithm and gave paid actor name who acted as a developer of the algorithm but actually he do not have any knowledge about algorithm.

Fake signal

TESLER APP REVIEW >> The alert signal which mainly used to alert brokers to sell products in Tesler. They used signals but it’s like the horn of your car. They have nothing and what they will alert you? For maintain and show off they mainly said that they will send you signals.

It’s free! How

TESLER APP REVIEW >> Tesler app system said that they will offer this software free but it is really free! You have to pay $250 and after that, you will able to access this software. After depositing this money they will say you bye-bye and flee away.

Fake profit list

TESLER APP REVIEW >> In order to manipulate Tesler app trading software showing you a list where their profit listing with the graph. But this a fake list which is not verified. How will they able to make a profit? They have nothing by which they will able to make a profit. In order to cheat with, they are showing this list.

Illegal network system and unregistered

TESLER APP REVIEW >> Their network system is illegal and it is not registered. By using this network they are carry on their illegal activities.

Similar Scam products

TESLER APP REVIEW >> Automata Formula, Zesus2, Sueno Del Millionaire, EZ money team, Blazing trader formula, Zen trader review, Dreamcatcher, Binary freedom formula, Turbine XO, Prove my profits etc. All are scam products like Tesler app system. Our scamsscanner team investigated. Finding that all software are fake and all make a false promise like proving my profits formula. So, stay out from that software.

Last word

TESLER APP REVIEW >> If you read this article you yourself able to understand why you stay away from Tesler app system. So, stay away from this software and use our recommended software. Success will knock your door and you will see by yourself.


  • Winning Rate
  • Trust Score
  • Popularity
  • Easy to Make Profits


Stay far away from tesler app binary options software. You can take or sign up what we recommended!


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