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Prove my profits review scam outburst

In binary options trading business, there is much software available in the market. But if have to keep in mind that among that software there are many illegal and fake software which mainly created to loot money from the brokers by using their traps. This binary options software recognized as scam software and the main purpose is to cheat with people. It is really difficult to sort out the scam software because they corrupted the websites and other legal software and represent themselves as a trustworthy and reliable software. Prove my profits is full scam

But we scam scanner help you and give you the guideline to find out the scam software and also recommend you the software which will really change your fate. Today a newly published software named Prove my profits is our topic. this software seemed to be reliable software but in real it is a scam and through research and investigation we have assured you that if you are using this software please stay away otherwise all your money and hard work will be in vain.

What is Prove my profits review?

Prove my profits is a binary trading software which is mainly created to make up money. It is online trading software as like other trading software. By analyzing the market it predicts the successful product and if the broker sold it he will win the trade and can make money. It mainly predicts the successful stock and after selling it the owner will get the win prize. The aim of those products is to change the fate of the brokers but Prove my profits is just the opposite and it is pretending to be a binary trading product but in real it is scam product and the only aim is to snatch money from the brokers through falling them into their trap.

Why Prove my profits formula is a scam?

Prove my profits formula is a scam because the CEO, testimonial, declaration are all fake and insane. CEO is the founder of a trading software. If the CEO of software is not right then how the company founded? Ted Morgan and  Daniel Wilkins both are claiming that they are the CEO and the real fact is that CEO of the company will be one or if they are more than one than all CEO would be present in their presentation not in a different video and claim that He is the only CEO. The testimonials are also fake and the brokers all paid actors.

Declaration of their software is insane and this won’t possible in real.$498,761 in one month! How it’s possible? This software also assures you that it will give you 100% guaranty to make a profit and there is no chance to lose. If anything exists in this world that will give you a full warranty to reach your goal? But this software did. Their algorithm, network, detector, information all are all fake. Our scamsscanner team investigates all these facts and we assure that Prove my profits is a 100% scam. Below our recommendation binary software. Promise wikitrader is working software. We have discussed prove my profits after our recommendation.

Our recommendation Is Wikitrader Software

Now you are being totally depressed by hearing the dirty work of Prove my profits formula because we put your trust and money on this product and now you are being cheated and for this, you lost belief and trust on online trading products. This is not really right because you are a newcomer or you are lacking a proper guideline. For a newcomer, it’s easy to cheat but if you guide properly then you can fulfill your goal and nailed your goal.

We scamscanner will detect you not only scam software but also give you the best replacement which will take you to your desired destination. We will give a better replacement. Many brokers are able to save themselves from cheating and they now become a millionaire by using our recommend software. So, why are you waiting? Our recommendation for the replacement of scam Prove my profits system is Wikitrade system. It’s a 100% legit software and we assure by investigating this software practically. It is a touchstone which will change your fate from being worn away from Prove my profits software. Below the wikitrader official website.

official site

Wiki trade system review: The way which will lead to success

Wiki trader is an automated trading software which is created only to raising money to the high and its only concern is to give great service to the brokers. Our scamscanner investigated this software practically and found detail information which mainly indicates its legal and quality to lead your success and overcome your loss. The result of our investigation below-

Believe in reality

As like the scam software like Prove my profits formula this software won’t make you a millionaire within a few time. In real hard work and through this you will get success little by little and if anyone wanted to earn money within a short time then he must be cheated because nothing can be gained without pain. This software will give 82% winning rate. So, you may have the chance to lose. Without taking risk nothing is possible. Same as here. You are able to earn $6000 in a month. This real and not like the bullshit declaring of proving my profits because they declared $498,761 per month.

Real CEO

The CEO named Kelly Wallace always present in all presentation and in all communication system like Facebook, twitter etc. her invalid and verified information are present. Not like prove my profits review as they are them self-confused who is the CEO whether Ted or Daniel? This both CEO in real not exist because nothing found themselves in anywhere.

Highly developed algorithm

The Algorithm which is used here is developed by the CEO through hard work. It is not like the Prove my profits formula fake algorithm. Kelly herself the mathematic style and the working process of Wiki trader, So she herself is genius

Verified testimonial

Their testimonials are verified and the broker’s identity are available in everywhere. If anyone entered after creating an account in the wiki they can access the information about the brokers. For prod one testimonial is given below-

William Gray (UK)

Just a few minutes ago I had no shelter, no hope. But after using wiki trader app a drastic change happened in life. WikiTrader gave me shelter and hope. I am really grateful to Wiki trader.”(Joined-13.7.2016, Profits-$25,550)


Easy to use

The way of operating wiki trader formula is very easy. It does not need to be download because it is web based and can be used in MAC, Laptop and in your PC. You do not need to download this software and not to be logged in. You do not need any experience to operate this software.

Can be withdrawn instantly

The withdraw process of Wiki trader software is it will give your money to your account and according to your wish you can withdraw your money.

Legal network and registered

The network system of this software is legal and it is registered.

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Mike auto trader, Neo2, Algo master, Copy Buffett, Bin about, Codefibo, Millionaire Blueprint, Cash camp, Snap cash binary etc. are all legit software like wikitrader software and all investigate by our team scamsscanner. They will bring your success and make you money at an unbelievable rate.

mike autotrader download

Prove my profits formula is a 100% scam software

Now the main part started our scams scanner team investigated Prove my profits binary system software by taking a risk and they find a lot of evidence for being a scam of this software. The result of investigation gives below-

Two CEO and they are all fake

In Prove my profits formula Ted Morgan and Daniel Wilkins both of them claimed to be the CEO of this software. How can be two CEO in a trading software and if they are both CEO than why they come in presentation separately. In Facebook, Twitter, Google+ they have no information. By investigating it finds out that they are actors and they are also acting as fake CEO in other scam trading software.

Proof of scam

Though Prove my profits an automated trading software the diagram which using illegally and it also perforates. The first one is Lie detector Millionaire and it is directly responsible for wiping out bank accounts. The second one is Polygraph Millionaire it is just the replica of the former. So this is the original proof of being a scam and through investigation, our team find this.

Fake testimonial

The testimonial which using here are all fake and the brokers who present in this presentation are all actors. Nothing finds about them and they remain invisible. The testimonials which used here are also fake and took from other software. In order to show legality they mainly put those testimonials but all of them and copied.

Insane profit making promise and 100% warranty to get success! How is this possible?

Prove my profits system declared that per month you can earn $498,761. How can is this possible? They named them to prove my profits but they are only able to prove it only in a dream not in real. And they also give 100% guaranty to get success. How can do this? Are they became Apollo the god of prophecy? There is nothing in the world exist which is free from risk.

Fake algorithm

Prove my profits is using so called algorithm which is not verified and really not exists. They mainly do not have any algorithm. They mainly used algorithm name but in real it is empty.

It is free! totally lie

Prove my profits is free but totally it is a lie. Without paid $250 you cannot access your account.

Illegal network and unregistered

Prove my profits using the illegal network and it is also unregistered. There is no validity and legality of their network.

Similar Scam products

Automata Formula, Zesus2, Sueno Del Millonario, EZ money team, Blazing trader formula, Zen trader review, Dreamcatcher, Binary freedom formula, Turbine XO etc. all are scam products like Prove my profits formula. Our scam scanner team investigated and found that all software are fake and all make a false promise like proving my profits formula. So, stay out from that software.

Last word

If you read this article you will easily understand why Prove my profits is a scam. For your own sake, stop using this software and start using our recommended software.


  • Winning Rate
  • Trust Score
  • Popularity
  • Easy to Make Profits


Prove my profits is a scam software in the binary options industry. You can not make money by using it. So, take our recommended software Wikitrader which makes you win in this industry.


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