Lucrosa Software Review: Scam or Legit?


Lucrosa Software Review: 100% Scam!

Lucrosa is a scam software in binary options auto trader. We do not get any amount of money by saying against LUCROSA software. Scamsscanner is here only for the traders by informing what is LEGIT software and what is SCAM software? Our Scamsscanner team has researched on Lucrosa software and we noticed this software is not Legit. John Lucrosa is the founder of this system who claims. We watch a video of John Lucrosa behind he is an actor! He says that every member will profit $7k per day!! Our suggestion is please unsubscribe from their email list if you have already subscribed. Otherwise, they will continue email marketing in your email address as if you sign up their system, remember behind it is a scam software and stay away

Lucrosa Software Review: Main part

In this video you can watch he says, he worked in London and after leaving his job starting a new task, he tries to teach people how to trade as well as he claims that he is a “Leading Mentor!’’ in binary options industry!! Our Scamsscanner team members tried to find out this ‘’Leading Mentor’’ in binary industry. It is very touchy that we could not find this person in this sector even the name! Our team members are so experienced in the binary trading sector and they are a good investigator. So, surely you can trust on us. So, ignore Lucrosa Scam software.

Do not trust this person who introduces a Scam software in this video where he says each member will earn $210,000 a month!? Can you believe it?!


CodeFibo Software is 100% Scam free

Now, the question is that how does Lucrosa software work? We will try to explain but the question is above we said this is a scam software so, how It will work? We have no any idea actually, because of scam software does not work as well as it is not legit software that we will describe on Lucrosa software. This Lucrosa software has no any based in the binary trading industry it is totally a scam software. We should avoid this kind of bullshit Scam software. Please leave it!!

Be careful TRADERS, in online lots of frauds, are trying to say this is not scam software but they know this Lucrosa software is a scam but why are they marketing this kind of Scam software. It is very clear that they will be benefited by this Lucrosa scam software. So, be aware Lucrosa Scam Software.

We found more statements and elements website. We will show you why Lucrosa is a scam software. If you go through their website then you watch a video there and we recommend that watch this video carefully and think is it really possible what this actor says who claims he is the “Leading Mentor!’’? When an actor says that he is the mentor so, how this Lucrosa Scam software will work?

Our Scamsscanner team always recommend you before registering any software in this marketplace please research some moment then decide. Our team has found that this website was registered on July 24, 2016, so how this actor says he made millionaire to lots of people!!! Besides, he says each member has profited $2.5 million over last year!!


See, what is going on here this website registered in this year July 24. So, how this Lucrosa scam software did that!! It is clear here that it is a purely a scam software. Please run away. If anyone trying to involve Lucrosa scam software please inform them or share our review because of you know that it is a scam software not legit so, you should inform other because of it is your liability.

CodeFibo Software is 100% Scam free

Recommended Software: Code Fibo

Scamsscanner team has researched on and result is positive. So, our recommend to the traders that you can easily register on CodeFibo because of it is 100% scam free. We are here to inform to the traders the legit software. You won’t provide you any illegal news on We recommend that software which is actually working and we are the guaranty that your hard income money will see the profits with our recommended software.

CodeFibo Software: Short Review

If you have a question that “Is codefibo software really work or making me profitable?” we will say definitely yes, because of we tested CodeFibo software. We can not find any illegal side and obviously codefibo software 100% scam free besides this software fully professional standards. They do not force you to sign up again and again where scams software does it. Professor Matthew Louise who is the founder of codefibo system is a gentle, as well as well-known person in binary options industry besides website, is legit and trustable. Our last verdict about codefibo software is legit and it is 100% scam free. Before registering you can little investigation go through their website.

Advantages: CodeFibo Software

  • Setup In Minutes
  • Daily Winning Trades
  • Automated & Signal Trading
  • No Previous Experience Needed
  • Accessible On Any Computer Or Mobile Device
  • Official website:


Last Verdict

In binary options industry 95% software is the scam like Lucrosa Scam Software. We Scamsscanner team is here to concern you please do not register any kind of software before researching or you can subscribe us. Our update will reach through your email. We know money earn is not easy but if you invest your hard income money to the LEGIT BINARY OPTIONS SOFTWARE we will here to help you and will try to recommend you. Besides you can contact us directly through [email protected]. We will service you 24 hours. If you have any query you can comment below and suggest us or inform us via our email address. Good Luck Trading Guys…

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  • Winning Rate
  • Trust Score
  • Popularity
  • Easy to Make Profits


Take our recommended binary software. Stay away Lucrosa binary software. See its rating is too low.


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