IQ Option Review || Is IQ Option real or not? Full Review on IQ Option

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IQ Option Scam Outburst: Is IQ Option real or not? IQ Option Full Review

Is IQ Option real or not?

Full Review on IQ Option

IQ Option is a popular binary options broker. It is a brokerage which has been operating for 4 years (2013). There is still confusion among people about the legitimacy of IQ Option trading platform. According to the declaration of binary industry IQ Option is confirmed as a legitimate broker. But confusion still remains whether it is a scam or not. In order to resolve this confusion detailed article about IQ Option trading platform will help you to come to a conclusion.

By reading this review you will decide is IQ Option trading system is a reliable broker or it is nothing but a fraud?
Note: Binary options are prohibited in EEA

What is IQ Option?

IQ option is the buzzing word in the binary options industry. This unique broker has their own custom platform in the binary options trading platform. IQ binary trading formula offers speed trading increments up to 5 minutes. Their binary options deadline is 1 hour in 15-minute increments, and their expiry time is one option

This broker house is given their contact phone number and it is +44 20 8068 0760, and also provide us their email address which is: [email protected] IQ binary trading option has launched weekly trading competition and their minimum deposit is only $10 and they offer a free demo account.

What is the Specialty of IQ Option Binary Trading Broker?


IQ option binary trading broker has their own features which are totally different from others broker trading platform. The platform, trading system, operating system, declaration system, duration of trading etc. are all unique and different from other brokers trading system. IQ option trading system developed their own platform with the help of engineers, programmers, designers, and mathematicians.

IQ option binary platform analyzed all trading methods and market policy and the demands of people. They also sort out the companies whose share is rising and they have no possibilities to lose. IQ option also analyzed the currency system of the whole world.

IQ option binary formula also analyzed various languages of different countries. After analysis, experiment and hardworking IQ option have developed their own algorithm, design, platform, pattern, trading policy etc. They also include shares of those companies whose shares are in the higher rate and very fewer possibilities to lose.

Note: Binary options are prohibited in EEA

Is IQ Option Binary System is a Scam?

IQ option trading platform started their journey since 2013. IQ option binary trading system is regarded as one of the most solid binary option broker platforms. Binary signals market is filled with numerous scams and low quality and it is really hard to sort out which one is real and which is one is not. Inexperienced traders will get cheated when they are dealing with them. But both are two-sided in this world so in opposite very high-quality services are exist. Among them, IQ binary system is one. The reason for IQ Option binary trading platform is not scamming is given below-


  • IQ option binary platform won’t offer you lucrative offer. IQ option binary trading system believes in reality so it will offer which it is able to capable.
  • No loss only gaining, this types of lame declaration does not come from IQ option binary trading system because in this world gain and loss are like twin brothers which are unable to differentiate. According to your act, you will bear gain or loss.
  • IQ Option binary trading platform was also a sponsor of Aston Martin.
  • IQ Option binary trading system has the unique algorithm, design, platform, pattern, trading policy etc. Through analysis, experiment and hardworking IQ option binary system have developed all of this. A scam won’t do this because they came to market to loot currency from customers not to evaluate their products.
  • Deposit is very low and it only $10 where scam demands a large amount of currency because they are looking for their golden opportunity to loot from customers.
  • Currency can be withdrawn according to your choice. Scam trading systems put the restriction on this choice.
  • IQ Option binary trading system trade globally and they modified their platform by adding the languages of those countries which is possible for the only legit system, not the scam.
  • They provide you 24 hours support but in scam platform, they remain invisible.
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What is The Specialty of IQ Binary Trading System?

IQ Option binary trading industry brings many special features which will really make you astonishing. Other trading systems unable to bring those features and all are unique of IQ Option binary trading system. For this, their trading system became much easier and they have their own way of trading. The specialty which mainly gives IQ Option binary platform to a golden place is given below-

  • Minimum trade amount is only $10 which is really unbelievable.
  • Through visiting Corporate Blog, Economic Calendar and watching Video Training Resources you are able to get trading resources and major financial events.
  • They provided demo account which is totally free and there you are able to practice trading which is helpful for you in real trading.
  • IQ option trading system is available on MAC, PC, and Android and even in Ubuntu.
  • 24 hours customer service which is live service.
  • Offers tournament where the entry fee is only $4. There they are $100 which is the usual amount. They can make as much currency as they can.
  • The effective return for a successful trade goes up to 92%.
  • Data is presented through the absolutely beautiful interface. Their latest software is IQ option 4.0 which mainly based upon WebGL technology that presents data in a quasi-3D format.
  • The use of Emscripten technology IQ option gave the innovative solution to longstanding problems.
  • Through different patterns and Japanese candlesticks IQ option Binary trading system will show you the world market view.
  • Through call and put option, you are able to trade instantly.

iq option

Basic Info: Features of IQ Option

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The Extraordinary Features of IQ Option

There is no confusion that you can enjoy totally new and attractive features when you are trading with IQ option binary formula. The features of IQ option system are given below-

This is the lowest trade prize among all brokers. While others brokers fix their minimum trade within $5 or $10, IQ option binary option offering you only $1 to started trade. For this reason, everyone is able to trade. Who has a lot of currency can start trade with more currency where who do not have much currency they can start with $1. This is the unique trading policy of IQ option binary app.

For this reason, everyone will start their trade with real account instead of using the demo account. But demo account is not useless because it is the guideline of new customers. Real account actually has more benefits which lack demo account.

Note: Binary options are prohibited in EEA


The platform of IQ option trading system makes your trade simple and precise. The platform of IQ option binary platform offers you trades which have different durations. In this duration, the trade will expire. The expire timeline of trades are 60 seconds (1 minute quick deals), 30 minutes, and up to 24 hours. You can choose any base on your trade style. Quick deals are riskier than long-term deals.

Customize-Your-Own-Strategy-in-IQ-Option-Trading-Platformiq option

The platform of IQ option trading formula is too much flexible and experimenting. There are many strategies and as a trader, you can choose any. You can also make any according to your choice. You do not need to master any coding language to create your own scratch. The only thing you need to do is to choose any indicators or strategies which you want to use in your robot. After choosing you will ready to get started.

As like other brokers IQ option trading system has developed various indicators like Moving Averages, charts with complex drawing tools, Japanese candlesticks, RSI, alligator, Bollinger bands etc. This will make your trade easy and comfortable. So, IQ option offers you a full package of indicators and you can develop your strategy on your own by using all this.


When you are trading currency pairs, then you should check trading pairs consisting of USD, AUD, Yuan, NZD, RUB, CAD, EUR, GBP, and much more. For global trade, you need to trade with the currency of those countries. IQ option trading platform gives you the opportunity to trade with the different currency. You can set your currency and can buy shares of companies. IQ Option also offers metal and stock trading which are holding by famous companies of the world.

You are able to trade shares with many big companies which are well known and their winning rate is always high. IQ option has Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba group etc. company’s shares. So, IQ option has the capacity to take their shares which mainly proves its proficiency. If you do not interest then you have also another option. You can choose to trade indices from DAX, FTSE, Dow Jones, CAC 40, and S&P 500 among others. According to your choice, your preference and trading style will depend.


IQ Option binary trading platform has developed its interface in a most beautiful way. The color is harmonious. Trading is extremely smooth. In the dashboard, all necessary tools are there such as market analysis, video tutorials, trading history, help, live chat etc. IQ option is available for the mobile application means Android as well as IOS devices.

IQ Option’s interface regard as the best interface among all binary trading interfaces. They not only have a huge amount of statistics in their hand but also their service provider presents them in an easy way. For this reason, everybody is able to understand them easily. IQ Option 4.0 which is their latest software based on WebGL technology that presents data in a quasi-3D format. In order to develop their interface, they toiled hard and they are able to succeed at last.


In IQ option trading platform Emscripten technology use for solving longstanding problems. It is an innovative solution method which only develops by IQ option binary system. When a customer trades he or she often faces the problem because of flicking and switching constantly between numerous tabs.  Actually, IQ option provides “Grid Layout” tool for traders. Through this nine charts can be shown on the same page. In IQ option real account you can set your screen in various sizes as you like. IQ option is a professional standard trading technology and that’s why it is able to develop the new method which makes trade easy.


iq optionIQ option is working for two years and they are able to cover up all historic data. All trading options in IQ option are available which will make your trade smooth and fast. All of those can view through various time scales. For accurate analysis of market motion, you can zoom in. In order access longer-term trends you can zoom out. If you do not interest then go for straight analysis section where trades occur in mere seconds.

Candlesticks data analysis is available for a few seconds up to a month. But don’t worry because IQ option already offers you alternative ways. Highly technical data analysis system such as Parabolic Sir, MACD, Awesome Oscillator, and Sar Oscillator etc are available in IQ option trading system for advanced trades.


You should make yourself with how a platform works and how one can trade gainable before opening an account in IQ option trading system. For new traders who are trading for the first time, it is really necessary to learn these materials. In order to help new freshman IQ option binary platform has started a learning program. It is free and full of endless educational materials. If you are new and lack basics then you do not need to be the worry. You can access free e-books, webinars, video tutorials, and other instructions which provide by IQ option.

Different Patterns of IQ Option Trading System

For your easy and successful trade IQ option has provided many patterns. They will give you instructions about your trade and through the analysis of all trades, you will able to decide when you will trade and when you not. The patterns are given below-

Pin-bar candlestick pattern

This pattern is always visible in the graph line of the interface. The patterns will go upwards and downwards. It has long spike or wick which directed upwards or downwards depending on the direction of the market. If the pin bar wicks up then the price predicted to go down and if the pin bar wicks down then it’s vice versa. The bar will close or open depending on the previous bar activities. At the point the previous ends then the pin bar will go upward. The process is same in either top or bottom. Pin bar up and down ratio which mainly caused the previous bar activity is known as left eye body.

Moving Average Pattern

It is a technical analysis of IQ option instrument. On the left side, you can find moving average pattern taskbar. There are 4 options there and they are the period, type, color, and width. Moving averages are 4 types. They are- simple, exponential, weighted and smooth. Most prominent is simple and exponential. Moving average is mainly shown by standard graphical patterns line rebounding and line breaking.

Line Breaking Pattern

This pattern mainly caused between resistance and support level of the graph. If the bar cross-resistance level then the prices will go up and if the bar crosses down the support line then the prices will go down.

Line Rebounding Pattern

In this case, the bar remains stable between resistance and support line. So the bar cannot cross the resistance line and also support line. If the bar reached the top of resistance level then it goes down and when it reached support level then it goes upward.

Piercing Line Candlestick

This pattern is mainly for descending candlesticks. A sending candlestick closes above the body of previous descending candlesticks. This followed by 2 more candlesticks. the 3rd one count as the possible reversal of downward.

Rainbow pattern

This pattern of moving averages pattern. In the period menu when you set 4 then the color will be blue. You set 14 then the color will yellow and when you set 26 then the color will be red. When blue is below of all others and above blue yellow present and above all red line is seen then the prices will increase. When blue and yellow line intersection each other then it is the point of most access to the market processing.

The Three Black Crows Trading Pattern

This pattern is mainly for trending reversal. In order to use it, you have to identify an asset which has several candlesticks in a row and showing price movement in one direction- either up or down. After this, you have to wait for the reverse. When three falling price candlesticks occurs in a row then it will happen. Through this, the trending reverse will be acquainted and you will get a signal for trading.

The Bollinger Bands Trading Pattern

By looking at the volume of trade on a particular asset this pattern generates a signal of which way the price is likely to move. In IQ Option, you use a chart which consists of three lines – or bands. The smooth moving average is the middle one and will have around 20 candlesticks. The bands will widen or narrow depending on the trade condition. When trading is heavy then the bands will widen and when trading is light then the bands will be narrow.

iq option

This entire pattern is neutral for both upward and downward trend line. There are also other patterns like The Alligator Pattern, local level breaking pattern, etc. IQ Option offers trading strategies which are different in terms of type and sophistication. This actually makes IQ Option popular among all binary options trading platform. This entire pattern is unique and makes your trade easy.

How to Access IQ option Trading system?

In order to access IQ option, you have to follow some steps. The access to IQ option is really easy and anyone is able to access it without facing many difficulties. The access system of IQ option is given below-  (50+ IQ option assets)

  1. Sign up and Deposit– You can sign up easily by giving your mail account and a password. After giving this a confirmation message will send to your mail. After this, you are able to start with your trade with IQ option. The minimum deposit of IQ option is only $10. When you invest currency then you are able to access more than 100 assets with possible returns of 85%-95%. This mainly depends on your asset and choice.
  2. 2. Invest and Trade– The low investment of IQ option is only $1 and through investing this you can trade with IQ option brokerage. You have to choose your option than fixed your investment amount. You have to click call or put the button and also fixed your time and investment in order to start your trade. Green and a red signal will show you gain and loss condition. According to your call and put, you will bear gain and loss.
  3. Withdraw– The method of withdrawing and deposit system are same. The process of withdrawal will take a couple of business days to be complete. It requires you to provide proof of identity. Normally it will take 3 days. This is for real account but for VIP account it will take 24 hours. You should aware when you make a withdrawal the first time. You have to send scanned copies of your government issued ID, a scanned copy of a utility bill and a scanned copy of your signed credit card (in order to keep only the first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card’s number visible and hide the CVV code it requires). No fees or commissions need for deposits or withdrawals made with bank cards or e-wallets. The only commission is for withdrawals via bank transfer, which is $53.
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IQ Option Account Types

There are mainly 2 types of account which can open with real currency. The demo account or IQ Option real account also consider as a type of account. But our focus on real account-

IQ Broker Real Account

Here there are 100+ trading assets and according to your choice, you can access any. Here the minimum deposit is only $10. You are able to access the full range of trading opportunities of IQ Option through this account. You can also join the tournaments as well.

IQ Option VIP Account

Those who want to invest more VIP account is the best choice for them. When you invest more than $1000 you will automatically get access to the IQ Options VIP status account. You will get the same number of assets which are available in the real account. If you are a trader, you can also able to access all trading opportunities which are available on the platform. You are also able to trade in competitions besides your personal account manager at your disposal. This account also has other facilities like getting all important and updated features, monthly trading analysis from experts withdrawal time is less than 24 hours.

IQ Option Demo Account

IQ Option Demo account will give you to access 13 trading assets and also trading opportunities somehow limit. By accessing this account you are able to get a sense of the platform. If you lack experience, through IQ Option demo account you can learn how to operate with the brokerage’s platform before starting to invest with actual funds.

iq option

IQ Option Tournaments

The aim of running weekly tournaments is to reward the best performer on the platform. In IQ Option lively tournament there are at least four or five events. The tournament is lasting for a couple of days but they can continue for several weeks. Depending on the competition entry fee mainly differs but the usual range is between $5-$20.  You will get an account balance of $10,000 to start with as a participating trader the longer event is more expensive because they have greatest prize fund.

Entry fee mainly deducts from the clients’ account balance. A winner mainly determines by their account balance in relation to the virtual cash that had awarded.

The remaining tournaments have guaranteed prize fund. It means if participator’s fees do not cover up the whole prize then IQ Option will pay the rest by itself. There is also another option which is known as rebuy the competition. If your luck is bad and losing all then you can rebuy your way back into the competition. It means at the end, you will still have $10000 to compete with.

Only real account and VIP account holders can participate in the tournament. There are over 2000 participants with prize funds well over $20k on the tournament. The runtime of the tournament is 30 minutes. This tournament encourages investors because they get the chance to higher reward in a short period of time and they can also enjoy the fun. You are able to multiply your deserving 100 times more than entry fees.

Customer service

The customer service of IQ Option is really very good and helpful. There is a phone as well as a live chat option for customer service. An account manager assigns to VIP users. He can help you with any issues and concerns you while using this site. You are able to access their direct phone numbers from England, Spain, and Italy. There is a support group in IQ Option platform. They can answer questions in your native language which provides by the language of IQ Option. Support is also possible through email, webmail, Skype, and live chat.

IQ Option types

There is no doubt that IQ Option is the most popular trading platforms right now. Their journey starts in 2013 but their achievement is enormous. Presently IQ Option offers 5 option types to the traders. They are-

Forex trading IQ OptionIt is also known as foreign exchange and one of the latest options of the IQ Option trading system. It is one of the largest global markets were all world’s currencies trade. The volume of trading in the forex market is too large that if you combine the stock markets in the whole world it won’t match. If 1% currency changed than the option can bring you up to 1000% gain. In IQ Option there is 22 currencies pair available and you can choose any.

Cryptocurrency trading IQ OptionCryptocurrencies are one of the most popular things in the financial world. IQ Option already adds Cryptocurrencies trading on their platform. By using option traders can buy and sell Cryptocurrencies directly from the market. There are 12 Cryptocurrencies available in the market which traders can be bought and sold by using the platform.

Digital options trading iq optionPresently the binary option of IQ Option is high/low. This is a basic option type. A high/low option is mainly for the beginners in binary options trading. Before expiry time you will just have to predict of an asset whether it will go up or down. The duration of the trade is 60 seconds and the gaining is up to 95%. The usual range is 75% to 89%. Through IQ Option you are able to trade more than 50 assets including commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices.

Note: Binary options are prohibited in EEA

CFD trading iq option CFD means Contract for Difference. In this trading the presence of trader is unnecessary. A trader can predict the movement of the prices in future. If the prediction is correct then the trader will get the benefit. But the benefit unfix. There is also expiry time of CFD option like other binary or digital options. A trader has the freedom to close the deal and after that, he will get benefit or loss.

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IQ Option Mobile App

IQ Option mobile app is available for both IOS and Android devices. Among users, this regard as one of the best platforms for mobile trading. No binary options broker is able to declare such mobile apps which IQ Option did. The app is user-friendly. But the app is unavailable in n Myanmar, Cuba, and Liechtenstein. The users of Malta also unable to trade with this IQ Option mobile app.

The app is full of lots of exciting and wonderful features. The users can analyze the prices and also can make a prediction for gainable trades. Each graph of this app contains superior details which need for trading. Traders also get notifications regarding price trends and tournaments.

Last Word

There is no doubt that IQ Option is a legit broker which will give genuine services to the traders. It has everything and casual traders who are looking to compete at a professional standard IQ Option is their best choice. The value of it’s pretty unbeatable. About 95% or more users satisfy by getting service from this broker house. If you are new then this broker should be your best choice. It is the best trading platform.

Through the activities and giving their services It proved it’s worth and capability. So, if you want to trade successfully then don’t lose your time and start trading with this broker house. You will see your success by yourself after using it.

iq option


General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

  • Winning Rate
  • Trust Score
  • Popularity
  • Easy to Make Profits
  • Customer service

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