Dream Catcher Review: DreamCatcher Software Scam Alert!

dream catcher

Dream Catcher is a scam Be alert! 

As you a businessman you must have knowledge, not all products are not real or solid. You must have to remember that in opposite there are bogus products and many traders mainly built this to cheat with people and lost their money. In online business, the matter is the same. There are two types of software and they are one is legit and another is a scam.It is really impossible for a new buyer to buy Legit Software because it is really hard to identify the legit software and Avoid Scam Software. So, read a review on Dream catcher below.

But Scamscanner will help you by giving you reliable information about the binary trading software. Today Scamsscanner will introduce you to a new scam software named Dream Catcher. It is a 100% scam software which seems to be legit but in real it is not. Please read the article below and we not only provide you information about Dreamcatcher but also showed our Scamscanner team practical investigation result. So, below our recommended software. Download it and get profit.

Scamsscanner Team’s Recommendation Software

Do not be upset because scamscanner not only introduce with scam software but also we will tell how to recover you from this. You come to trade in online to change your luck and we are here to give you the proper guideline. Now, through much experiment and investigation, we now present you 100% pure legit software and the name of this software is Mike auto trader.

What is Mike Auto Trader?

Mike auto trading software is a trading software which is as usual created to generate your money. It is developed by Michael Freeman. He is the CEO of this software and he has a YouTube channel which has over 15000 subscribers and hundreds of videos. So, there is no chance that he is fake and the information he gave is legal and our scamsscanner team investigated it practically and found that he is real. It is not just a software but also a community. The signal power is very strong and Michael Freeman all knowledge are placed here. It is also free.

Most important features

  • It is 100% web based and no need for download
  • Traders from all countries are welcome and any trader from any country can use this software
  • The testimonials are all verified and if anyone creates an account in this software he will able to access brokers information also able to talk with them
  • Michael Freeman a famous trader is the CEO of this software and his reputation relates to this software. So, there is no way he wanted to waste his fame by launching a scam software.
  • Mike trader review not only a binary robot but also a signal provider.
  • You won’t get money without any means. You have to work hard for it and achieve the winning rate.
  • The algorithms are very strong and able to win many trades and it develops through much hardship.
  • Michael Freeman already donated $20000 to a charity and his aim is to create an opportunity for traders to change their fate not cheated them.
  • You can withdraw money when you wanted to.
  • You may not able to win all the time and it is mainly reality.
  • Mike trader review won’t provide you lucrative offer and to force you to use this software. If you have trust on this software you are always welcome.
  • It is registered and network system is as clear as clean water.


mike autotrader download

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WiKiTrader, Snapcash. They are legit software like Mike auto trader and you can also use them. So, stay with legit binary software.

Dream Catcher software review: What is Dream Catcher trading system?

As like another trading system, it is also a trading software. Mainly trading software generate brokers money in a higher state. Their process is mainly to analyze the market through an algorithm and detect the winning trade. Its algorithm is so powerful that the detection is always successful. By gathering previous information and experimentation they are mainly able to give the winning signals to the broker. If a broker sells the product he has a chance to generate his money.

But it is a matter of sorrow that though Dream Catcher claimed to be a trading legit software through investigation it proves that actually, it is a scam. It may be shocking to the traders of it but it is true. Its name is dream catcher. It wanted to catch beyond a dream. The promise and the guaranty it provides no one not even able to dream.


Dream Catcher trading system review: Why you do not use this?

Dream Catcher system is a scam and proves its lucrative declaration and unbelievable promise. At first, it declared that it is able to earn $4250 a day. Is it possible! A possible earnest profit is $800 but what they declared? They mainly play trick with newcomers through their declaration. This does not end they also guaranty you that you won’t face lost.

If there any trade in the world exist who guaranty that you always win and Again their CEO Matthew Warner is fake. Their testimonials, algorithm are all fake. By hiring paid actor they mainly do this. They are not registered and using illegal network system. There is no valid information of them anywhere. For you sake please keep yourself from this software.

Our Team Scamsscanner Investigation Result About Dream Catcher

dream catcher

•    Fake CEO

Matthew Warner the CEO of this company mainly declared that unbelievable declaration. He himself is a millionaire and he wanted to make others millionaire overnight. He claimed that he had over $27K property and the medium is Dream Catcher. The man who mainly takes him in this position named Alexandro Mende. This man himself taught him about how to operate a system and how to create a software. He said him ” You are not born with silver spoon in your mouth but you can change your luck by creating a software” This is mainly a fairy tale as like Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast. Our scamsscanner team investigated their information and return to empty hand. There is no one like Matthew Warner or Alexandro Mende. So, stay away.

•    Fake Testimonial

The testimonials which use here are fake and bogus. The photos take from stock and social media. They themselves make presentations and same lines are remaining everywhere. They used paid actors for making testimonials but no brokers exist.

•    Too much error

Too much grammatical mistakes and also explaining the mistake and the writers are not native Americans. But they recognized themselves as Americans and by this they trade here.

•    Fake algorithm

The algorithm uses here is fake and this types of the algorithm use in all other scams. It is not an algorithm, it is mainly a scarecrow to trick people.

•    Make temptations and fall brokers into trap

Warner tempted brokers by giving them a bonus and the amount is $60. But if have to create an account in this software and you must trade a product then you can get the bonus and also can withdraw otherwise, you cannot do anything. When you wanted to trade then you fall into the trap and lost everything.

•    Illegal and unregistered network

Their network is illegal and it is also unregistered.

•    $4000 per day and 100% winning rate, How can it come true!

They declared that they are able to earn over $4000 and there is no loss. If you are a human being you will kick their butt and send them to a mental hospital. This is not possible human being and it is possible if you have Aladdin’s lamp.

•    Similar scams

 Zen Trader, Binary freedom formula, Turbine Xo, Fast cash club, Dubai lifestyle, Mobile binary code, Lucrosa, and Blazingtrader are similar scams like Dream Catcher. So, please stay out from this.

Conclusion: Dream Catcher

It is very clear that scams software does not bring any profit. So, traders should stay away from scams software. GOOD LUCK TRADING GUYS.


  • Winning Rate
  • Trust Score
  • Popularity
  • Easy to Make Profits


Dream catcher is not legit binary options software. It is totally scam and traders won't make any profits by using them. Stay far away from dream catcher. Take our recommended binary software, it will make you happy.


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