Automata Formula Review: Is Automata Formula Scam?

automata formula

Automata formula review 100% scam outburst

You should bear in mind that when you are trading in online there are two types of products here. One is a scam and another is legit. If you buy binary options scam products you will be cheated and if you buy legit products then you will able to reach your goal. In the world, nothing exists which is absolutely right or legal. In everywhere there are fake or bogus things which will cheat with you by filling you in their trap instead of making money. It is really hard to sort out this cheater and also in online trading business.

But if you follow a proper guideline which is reliable and trustworthy then you will able to nail your success. We scamscanner will provide you most reliable and valid information which will help you to carry your success. Today we will introduce you to scam software which is seemed to be legit and reliable but in real it is totally a scam and many brokers are lost their money for using this bogus software like Automata Formula.

Why is Automata formula trading system a scam?

Automata formula system is a scam and through their activities, Automata formula is proved that it is a scam. Automata formula declared that they are able to make $950 per hour and $20000 per day. This is beyond anyone dream level. How is this possible? They also give 100% warranty that they are able to do it by hook or cook. 100% warranty is impossible in this world and if anyone wanted to give this then that person may mad. Now the CEO named George Coleman of automata formula is a fake owner and he is a paid actor. He claimed to be the owner of

He claimed to be the owner of Automata formula but he only exists in the presentation but in the real world he is invisible. In Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. there is no information about George. The testimonials are all fake and the brokers who seeing in the presentation are all paid, actors. Automata formula algorithm is fake and actually they do not have any algorithm. Automata formula domain name is not right and the date they register said in the presentation is totally lie.

They extend their time in order to prove themselves as experienced and legit trading software but in real they are telling lie and hide their real face. Automata formula network system is illegal and unregistered. Our scamsscanner team investigated and find further detail about this software which mainly indicates one thing and it is Automata formula system is a 100% scam software.

“Our Best Recommendation Is Mike’s Auto Trader”

mikes autotrader
Surely you will get profits from this Mike’s auto trader software. After using Mike’s auto trader software please commenting us below, it will help the newcomers to trade with legit software.

After knowing the true face of Automata formula you may be depressed because you are wasting lots of time and money before this software. We also give you further details about Automated formula later. You may be lost your trust and passion over trading software by knowing that at first all seem to be trustworthy and when you are begin with one and now after using this you came to know that this is a scam and also yourself find that it is true it is common that you will lose your interest. But for the one you cannot grudge upon whole trading software.

Beside scam software, there is also legit software which is able to take you to your desired destination. We scam scanner already earn fame for guiding brokers not only keep aloof from scam software but also give them direction to use the legit software. Now the better replacement of Automata formula system is Mike auto trader. Through investigation and also access their information we have assured you that Mike auto trader system is 100% legit software.

Mike’s Auto Trader review 100% legit software

Mike’s auto trader is the most trustworthy and reliable software which will bring your desired happiness in front of you. Mike auto trader system is such like trading software which mainly believes in reality. The purpose of generating money is the same but not like scam products that will make you a millionaire overnight. Mike trader believes in real and also in hard work and patience. Those are the key to achieving success and Mike auto trader mainly using those and through this, it will generate money.

Believe in reality

Mike auto trader software believes in real. Like Automata formula system this software does not give you $20000 per day which is really insane. If you deposit $250 then you will able to earn $22 per day and if you deposit $550 then you will able to earn $55 per day. Their declaration may be small but it is real. The money will come through hardship. It is not like fruit that will grow in the tree and you are able to pick it whenever you wanted. The money will come if you work hard and have patience. You need 2 or 3 hours or 2 or 3 days to make money and the real fact in our life and also in Mike auto trader. Like automata formula this software won’t give you the surety that you will always win. There is a chance to loose and you must keep in mind where there is no risk there you will cheate.

The CEO is real

The name of the CEO of mike auto trader is Michel freeman and in all presentation of mike auto trader he is present. In Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. will provide information about Michel. When you wanted to log into this software his picture appears. He himself works hard and he is also a kind man. He is also helpful and you can get help from him when you want.

Testimonials are real

The testimonials which are used in Mike auto trader are legal and real. They verifie and the broker’s information is all present in everywhere like Facebook twitter etc. and if anyone creates an account in Mike auto trader then they are able to access information about them. All testimonials verifie and scams scanner team investigated this practically.

Own algorithm and network system

In mikes autotrader system the algorithm which using for developing by hard work and experiment. By using this algorithm Mikes autotrader is able to indicate the successful trade though the process is slow but success always comes. They have their own network system and it is registered.

official site

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Now our scamsscanner team found scam evidence in AUTOMATA FORMULA review

What is Automata formula binary trading system?

Automata formula software is binary trading software and as like other trading software it mainly created to generating money by giving brokers the name of most winning products. By analyzing the market trading software mainly gave the name of most winning trade to the brokers and if brokers sell the products in time then they can win the prize. As like other binary trading products, Automata formula system also promised as the same but its matter of irony that they have nothing but they claimed that they are able to give 100% success and an insane amount of profit. Automata formula software pretends to be a legit binary trading system but actually it is fake and bogus software and through pretenses it mainly makes new brokers fool.  

Automata trading system scam software

For insane declaration, fake CEO, fake testimonial, and algorithm, fake domain name indicate that Automata trading system is a scam and our scamsscanner team found those through investigation. It is scam software which mainly created to trap the newcomer and lost their money. In outward it seems like an angel but inside it is a devil like Lucifer.

Insane profit declaration

$950 per hour and $20000 per day and if you really have any common sense if you believe this? Their insane declaration overcome human dream world also. This is enough to make this software scam.

Fake CEO

George Coleman the CEO of Automata formula is fake because he also changed his name as Edward Robinson and presenting himself as CEO in Orion Code another scam product. There is no information of him in anywhere. So he is a fake CEO who is really a paid actor. He caught red handed and his cover is blown out.

Fake testimonial

Automata formula trading system used paid actor as their broker and gave fake testimonials to attract the new brokers. All invalid testimonials are representing here. Mike a paid actor acted him as a broker and him also he is doing the same thing in other scam products.

Fake algorithm

They have no own developed algorithm and they used the so-called algorithm. They are giving fake evidence of selling rate for increasing their name and fame. Software which algorithm is fake it is 100% scam.

How long Automata formula keep up its illegal activity?

Though Automata formula claimed that they are started their activity from 2015 but through investigation, it is found that they are registered in 2016. They used the fake date to increase their trust upon brokers.

Video filled with lies

In video automata formula said that they declared, it will work 100% accurately but when it reached its maximum limit it stops working. They also said that if 500 viewers view their video then they will remove all but they are keeping this until now. They are using fake pictures to manipulate brokers.

It is not free and using illegal network

This software is not free though they said it is free. You have to pay $250 to access. Their network is also illegal and unregistered.

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Last word

If you read this article fully then you are able to realize why we forbade you from using automata formula system. Now you will decide if you want to jump in hell or go to heaven.

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Automata Formula is one of the best scam software of binary options industry in 2017. Do not worry our team has found out the legit binary software which really making money!


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